Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What does it take to become an English teacher?

What you need to be a successful EFL teacher

A summary in two short statements is:
  1. Your desire to become an invaluable member of the English teaching profession.
  2. Your determination to learn the skills that you’ll need to become a successful teacher by taking an accredited TEFL certificate course like EBC’s.

A typical English teacher

There is no such thing as a typical English teacher. Good teachers are people-oriented, curious, creative, open-minded and good listeners. Most English teachers have a degree, but people without a degree that have several years of professional and life experience can also make excellent teachers.

Personal qualities have as much influence over what makes a good teacher as do educational attainment.

Your training

With EBC you can get the training you need either by attending one of our 4 week intensive TEFL courses or by taking our online certificate course.

Q: Will I really be prepared to start teaching English after the 4 week or online course plus the EBC teaching practice module?

A: EBC’s experience so far is a resounding “yes you will”, and with continued research, reflection and professional development, you can become a true expert and respected professional in the field.

Now that you’ve shown a great deal of interest in becoming an English teacher, the battle is half way over. What remains is to give you the training and skills that you will need to become a successful, accredited English teacher.
To complete the final phase of your teacher training you’ll need to learn the following:

  • How to analyse, use and present the English language
  • How to practically apply EFL and ESOL/ESL teaching theory in the classroom
  • How to manage a classroom
  • How to plan effective lessons
  • How to analyse the needs of your students
  • How to behave in the classroom and interact with your students
  • How to teach: grammar, listening, reading, writing and speaking
  • How to motivate your students
  • How to respond to student questions
  • How to find and effectively use learning materials
  • How to check that your students are learning
  • How to evaluate lesson effectiveness
  • How to analyse your success as a teacher
  • How to survive as an English teacher in a foreign country
  • How to adapt to a different culture
  • How to behave as an EFL ESOL/ESL teaching professional
  • How to succeed in an EFL ESOL/ESL teaching job interview

This may look like a daunting list of skills to learn, but the EBC TEFL course will get you through it and then help you get working. EBC’s objective is to make sure that you pass the course.

To ensure that this happens, we use pro-active continuous assessment, feedback and correction - a skill that you will also have to learn.

This feedback method creates a relaxed atmosphere that is essential for learning.

The EBC training programme uses all the skills that we teach you.
EBC walks the talk!

These core skills are crucial to your success as an English teacher and these are the core skills that you will learn when you take the EBC TEFL certification programme.

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