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TEFL job prospects and teaching English abroad

TEFL job prospects and teaching English abroad


Here we cover your job prospects based on the type of training programme you attended. It covers students:

  • With an accredited certificate (residential or online) that includes teaching practice
  • With a non-accredited certificate that includes teaching practice
  • With a weekend, online, distance or one week qualification that does NOT include teaching practice
  • With no qualification at all

With an accredited certificate that includes teaching practice

If you have an accredited certificate, your job prospects are virtually guaranteed. You will be offered so many jobs that it'll make you dizzy trying to decide which ones to take.

The question of "will I get a job?" does not really come up if you have an accredited certificate. The main question is "how long will it take me to get one?" For this reason it is very important that the school you choose will truly prepare you for the local job market and seriously help you find work.

You will probably notice that accredited course operators don't guarantee you a job with them. They don't have to because prospective employers will be falling over each other to hire you.

Most courses that claim to be accredited and guarantee you a job generally have a bogus accreditation scheme.

EBC does not guarantee jobs, but we do have possibly the best job placement programme available. The EBC programme will have you working within a few days of graduating.

With a non-accredited certificate that includes teaching practice

Non-accredited certificates always play second fiddle to accredited certificates. So if you really have no choice but to go for a non-accredited course, be prepared to wait longer to get a job and get offered jobs that the accredited candidates have rejected. You will eventually find work, but it will be of lesser quality and lower paying than your accredited competitors.

To cover up for this failure, some non-accredited courses offer you a guaranteed job.

Question: how can any organisation offer you a guaranteed job when they have never met you and have no idea of your teaching potential? If you do choose one of these types of courses, be prepared to be tied in to the company for quite a long while and get paid below market rates.

In these situations, the quality of the job, the pay and working conditions are always suspect. If you really have no choice but to go for one of these types of courses, be very careful.

With an online/distance qualification with NO teaching practice module

These should always be viewed as introductory courses. They are not designed for training classroom teachers.

Your job opportunities will be limited.

You may be thinking, “EBC offers an online course, why the negativity?” SIMPLE: EBC will always give you an honest answer. We do offer an online TEFL TESOL certificate course BUT we also give you the opportunity to take a two week residential teaching practice module that will give you those all-important, real-life classroom skills that employers look for.

With a weekend qualification or no qualification at all

If you get offered jobs at all, they'll be the ones that none of the above want.

Degree/native English speaker considerations

Some countries, especially in parts of the Far East require ESOL/ESL EFL teachers to also have a degree and some Far Eastern countries will not accept non-native English speakers. Most reputable and trustworthy jobs in the Far East are arranged via placement agents that will be able to answer your questions regarding getting work in the Far East.

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